What the Most Expensive Wines Have in Common?

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Expensive Wines

Besides the heavy price tag, there are many commonalities between the most expensive wines in the world. The collectable bottles of wine are usually Bordeaux or Burgandy but the most expensive wines can be Chardonay, Pinot Noir, Merlot or any other type of wine. If you find a fine wine with the following characteristics, you might just have a wine that is considered to be among the most expensive wines.

One distinction the most expensive wine have in common, is the ability for the wine to withstand time and hold well over time. This ability is a factor of many variables including the quality of the wine ingredients, the wine making processes, and wine storage. As with most things, the ability to withstand time can add value to a product as it does with the most expensive wines.

Another distinction the most expensive wines have in common, is a strong consensus between wine experts. Even wine auctioneers and wine collectors can have an input in this distinction. It is one thing if a wine is made well or has an eloquent taste. It is a much larger deal when a whole panel of wine experts agree on a bottle and taste of the most expensive wines. Other factors that may contribute to this distinction is when the most expensive wines get publicity from a prominent individual owning a bottle, or a famous individual is seen with a glass of a certain kind of wine.

One more distinction is how the most expensive wines are made. The most expensive wines usually use well defined and rigorous wine making processes which require much attention and care. Wine making is indeed a process which require quite a bit of work and a certain level of skill. In addition, the highest quality of ingredients are used to make the most expensive wines. The manner in which wine is stored, can also play a factor in this distinction of the most expensive wines.

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