What Makes Expensive Wine Expensive?

What makes the most expensive wine expensive? Is it the taste? Is it the lack of taste? Is it the type of wine? Is it because most expensive wine may be rare? Is it the way expensive wine is made? What about how the wine is stored? Maybe it has something to do with who owns the bottle of most expensive wine? Maybe who touched the bottle of wine? How about all of the above?

There are many factors that make the most expensive wine expensive and these factors change from wine to wine. Sometimes the most expensive wine is produced in very small quantities and kept over a long period of time. After years have passed, sometimes hundreds of years, just a few of these wine bottles remaining can help make it one of the most expensive wine. Time and age alone, though, does not make a wine one of the most expensive wine. Take a cheap red wine, for example. That cheap bottle of red wine is not going to make many friends over hundreds of years. Cheap wine is cheap wine regardless of age. Sure it may gain a little bit in value but it certainly will not become one of the most expesive wine or a collector’s bottle of wine.

In addition to the age factor in wine, there is wine that is recently produced and sold but carries really heavy price tags. In these cases, sometimes the most expensive wine is based off of limited quantities, the type of wine, the brand of wine, the age of the vineyard, the wine making processes or other factors. While age can play an an important role in adding value to wine, especially the most expensive wine, it may not be everything.

Sometimes the most expensive wine is based off of taste and quality. It is no secret that higher quality of ingredients such as wine grapes and the processes used to make the wine has a lot to do with the taste. Add hundreds of years of wine making experience to the mix and a wine vineyard that has been around for as long and watch the value of the wine grow. Taste can play a very important factor with the most expensive wine.

Then again, the most expensive wine can have a lack of taste, and still demand a heavy price tag. Case in point: the most expensive bottle of wine in the world according to the Guiness Book of World Records – the 1787 Cateau Lafite – . This wine is so old that it is considered undrinkable. In fact, it is undrinkable by almost 150 years. Still, it is considered to be one of the most expensive wine partly because of its previous owner and the fact that it is a rare wine.

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